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If you came across this page, welcome yourself to my blog and thank you for stopping by.

Allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Dedra Monique Ford-McGowan.

I’m a Warrior for God Energy.

Also, I’m a daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister, Auntie, Friend, and a Self-Published Author of some GREAT INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS, which can be found on Amazon Kindle, in case you want to give that a peek for yourself :)!

I’ll like to add, I’m the founder of the brand, “ReNew D Soul” Wear Your Love Rise Above All.

This brand will bring awareness to the beauty and importance of Love, Acceptance, and Innerstanding of who we are as spiritual beings living as humans.

My purpose in life is to help serve in the world through my talents, with writing being one and the choice for my blog. I love giving uplifting advice and reaching hearts, and I aim to do this through my writings.

If you read this far, I truly thank you for taking the time to do so and hopefully you choose to take time to connect with me through my blog.

Below 👇 I’ve shared the covers of my books, which can be found on Amazon Kindle.

If you’re looking for some inspirational books to add to your collection, Look No Further! ♥️ Let’s connect and help one another 🥰⭐️

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